Who are we?


David Ferrero Peláez

Chief Executive Officer
Mathis Vertical

Mathis Reynaud

Fashion Designer and Stylist

Malu Benjamin

Chief Marketing Officer

Ethan Yeager

Web Developper

Guillaume Lelasseur

Chief Technical Officer

At Paradigme Mode, we hold in high esteem our phenomenal team of committed experts who contribute their varied abilities, creativity, and enthusiasm to the realm of sustainable fashion media and business consulting. Our leadership team plays a fundamental part in outlining the vision and trajectory of our organization, making certain that we consistently deliver ground-breaking media content and transformative sustainability consulting services to fashion businesses across Europe. Meet the dynamic team behind Paradigme Mode:

David Ferrero Peláez - Chief Executive Officer

David is an accomplished leader with a robust background in the fashion industry. His broad expertise spans design, creative direction, supply chain management, and merchandising, ensuring a comprehensive approach to our sustainable fashion efforts. Having lived and worked in global fashion hubs such as Madrid, London, New York, and now Paris, David brings a unique international perspective to our team. This global experience, combined with his deep understanding of the fashion landscape, makes him an invaluable asset in steering Paradigme Mode towards our vision of a more sustainable future in fashion.

Malu Benjamin - Head of Marketing

Malu leverages her considerable international experience to drive our marketing strategies forward. With a global perspective garnered from working across various markets, Malu's unique insights and innovative approach help amplify our brand's reach and relevance in the sustainable fashion sector.

Guillaume Lelasseur - Chief Technical Officer

Guillaume is a seasoned web developer with profound expertise in cloud technologies and DevOps. His technical acumen has been instrumental in building robust, secure, and scalable digital platforms for our sustainable fashion media and consulting services. In addition to his hands-on tech skills, Guillaume's talent for teaching UX Design effectively cultivates a tech-savvy culture within our team, making him a key driver in our mission.

Mathis Reynaud - Fashion Designer

Mathis, our key fashion designer, brings over seven years of industry experience to Paradigme Mode. His comprehensive background, which includes working with haute couture and successfully managing his own accessories brand, contributes to our innovative and sustainable design ethos.

Ethan Yeager - Web Developer

Ethan employs his technical expertise to create and maintain robust, user-friendly digital platforms. His keen understanding of modern web technologies ensures Paradigme Mode's seamless online presence, enhancing our reach and engagement in the sustainable fashion space.

According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, a paradigm is “an outstandingly clear example or archetype.”

In the midst of brokenness, chaos or confusion, a paradigm emerges to shift the narrative. To prove that all hope is not lost. To offer a glimpse of light in a time when light is desperately needed.

To set an example, provide guidance to flourishing fashion brands and create a community in which passionate individuals can pursue a more ethical, sustainable and respectful model of fashion.

"Looking at the future" by David Ferrero
"Looking at the future" by David Ferrero

We will achieve this through the duality of our two creative entities: Paradigme Mode and Paradigme Mode Studio.

Through Paradigme Mode Studio, we offer guidance and resources to flourishing fashion brands within any stage of their development by providing a variety of services, including marketing, photography, web design, consulting, and manufacturing.

Paradigme Mode was established in support of these processes, as a safe space and relief from the constant noise around fashion consumers. We hope that those who are disappointed in the industry can turn to this community and trust that change is coming. Take our words as inspiration, education, relief, and comfort. We harbor a movement within these pages.